Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekly To Do List

  • pray I've been struggling through some reevaluating of my priorities lately. Struggling would be a good word for it. One thing I've come to realize is that I say I believe prayer works. So I need to do it more. The Bible tells us to: "Pray without ceasing." What does that mean? I think too much of the time I use that as an excuse to pray whenever I think about it, which ends up being a lot less than I should. Whatever happened to setting aside time to pray? So that's a goal this week. Pray throughout my day, but also set aside some time specifically to pray.
  • write I'm one of those crazy people who signed up for NaNoWriMo. What was I thinking?! So now I'm supposed to write over 1,500 words a day every day in November. Did I not just lose my head? I have kids. I have commitments. I have a life. I have a blog, for goodness sakes! But hey, one of my life goals is to write a novel. Wait till you see the garbage 50,000 words in one month can produce. I may have written the novel, but it's going to take years to revise and edit!
  • knit This week I want to finish the scarf I'm making as a doorprize for the Chix OneDay in February. Check out our new website! I'm excited about this scarf.This year's OneDay's theme is Wonderful World. So I'm knitting the scaft from yarns from every continent. (okay, not Artica and Antartica) I figure I'll need some knitting to calm me down after a few hours of writing. Between it and prayer maybe I'll survive.
  • sing last night during church I sat listening to the music, then the sermon, and I realized something. When I lose my desire for music, to sing, something is seriously wrong with my soul. I haven't felt like singing much. And my soul aches. So I'm going to turn on the IPod and sing along. I might even sit down at the piano or pull out the violin. (The cat hates when I play my violin.) Beware. Stay far away from the clunking, screeching sounds!
  • cook, clean, laundry, bills Pugh! Who needs to do those things.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Who Do I Appreciate?

My big brother, that's who. All right...all my brothers are my big brother. I'm the baby. And they will get their turn. But today I'm sending out a "I love you" to my brother, Kevin.

See how thrilled he was to pose with his little sis?!
The poor guy was eight when I came along and took over the house. Until then he had been the cute one with the little round face and big black adorable. Then I crashed the party. But he repaid me by giving me my very first present...a lovely case of the chicken pox. I was only fourteen days old. Thanks A Lot, bro.

He taught me a lot how to avoid a rubber band shooting straight at one's head, how to wash mud out of an eye when suffering a direct hit by a mud ball, the most effective method of capturing Grandma's attention when stuck in a room where the doorknob has conveniently gone missing, and how to lay very still so someone eight years older than you can ride his bike over your stomach area.

But in his defense, he did hand me down his prized Batman costume. I finally gave it back this past year, hard to let go of. I loved that costume! He took me to my first movie. He was my defender when a boy broke my heart. And he invited me over for meals during my college years.

But why write this touching tribute now? It's not even his birthday. It's because Friday he gave me another very special He reached over and held my hand during my Aunt's funeral. How did he know I needed human touch? How did he know that his strong hand covering mine would give me such strength? That's just the kind of big brother he is. And that's why I appreciate my brother today.

What about you? Who do has been there for you lately?