Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Off My Needles: An Overdue Update on Finished Knit-a-longs

In my last post, I showed you photos of the two KAL's I was knitting. They are finished...have been for two months! Oops.

Bad news: I'm a procrastinator.
Good news: I finished this hat and love wearing it. With my new short haircut I finally like how I look in a hat. Hooray!


Knit One Crochet Two Elfin Tweed yarn,
(blue sock yarn)

Bad news: I lost my photos of the finished Once Upon A Time MKAL when I got a new phone...and I gave the cowl to a friend for Christmas so there will be no finished photo. (Dang ICloud. How do you work?)

Good News: She she wears it everyday. I'm so glad I gave it to her; it's good for a yarn to find it's special owner.

Dream In Color Classy yarn, 2014 October Dream Club
(orange, green, yellow - fall colors)