Wednesday, July 10, 2013

65 Years of Marriage and a Special Moment with Mom

My Mom and Dad celebrate their 65th anniversary today!

I'm so blessed and proud to be their daughter. Theirs is a love story few can claim. This is especially true now that Mom's Alzheimer's is pretty bad.  Thinking about the times I see Dad love and care for her nearly makes me cry. And watching Mom respond and feel so secure with him even when she doesn't remember that he is her husband is beautiful.

And this visit Mom gave me at special gift.

Tuesday morning I was in the kitchen with Jess. We were trying to be very quiet while talking because the extra voices confuse and frighten mom, who was still in bed in the next room.

But my mom has exceptional hearing, and called out, "Beth, is everything okay?"

I was shocked. She called my name. Her voice was clear, sounding like all the mornings when I was a girl. I reassured her that nothing was wrong, that I was just making some breakfast.

"When do you have to leave for school?"

"I leave in about an hour (for home, not school). Do you want to get up?"

"No, I'm lying here, being lazy."

I felt a little dazed, realizing my Mom knew me for a few minutes. It was the wrong time period, but she knew me! She recognized my voice.

It seems that the more I come, the more she "knows" me. It's not always as her daughter, but she knows "Beth" enough to feel secure with me. What a blessing. It helps me know my weekly visits matter, not just to Dad, but to Mom.

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