Wednesday, May 7, 2014

2014 Off My Bookshelf #8

by Heather Ordover

I bought this as a Kindle ebook through Amazon.But it is available in paperback also.

 I've been a faithful listener of Heather's podcast, CraftLit, for years. Heather is a literature teacher who selflessly studies the classics and then weekly podcasts. She picks a book and each week covers a chapter or two by initially, explains words, phrases, concepts that may be unfamiliar or unclear, then plays the audio of those chapters, and finally concludes by sharing at the end. It's like being back in lit class with a teacher who is passionate and well studied. She brings books to life and makes difficult classical literature understandable for everyone. Check her podcast out.

So now Heather has written a book, a young adult novel, full of magic, teen angst and an insiders perspective of New York City life. Try the book and the podcast. I think you might enjoy them.

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