Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Crazy Things You See At Your Parents

I spent Monday through Wednesday with my parents. It was anything but boring. 4 inches overnight with amazing thunder and lightening is not exactly normal. 

Actually this is kind of normal when a big rain comes along, except for the poor teenage girl who thought she was just parking her car in the backyard out of the way. And they had to sandbag around the high school across the street. That's not normal. But water covering my dad's backyard is. Unfortunately, his garden is probably ruined. Although, he did gain a nice piece of fencing down by the grape arbor.
The real reason I was there was to start work on their bathroom. So...I took off wallpaper, ripped up carpet (notice the lovely orange carpet of my childhood that was underneath. We left it down for sentimental value until it has to be removed.), and pulled up some of the tile to use in other places. Now to buy paint and flooring.
But the best part of the trip was sitting with my mom listening to a book on CD and knitting a baby shrug for a friend. Oh...and watching Fox News. Have you heard about the President and the General? It's quite a story.

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