Thursday, July 1, 2010

Haiti Bound

My oldest daughter and I leave for Haiti Saturday. A part of me is very excited, part terrified. Haiti is not considered a safe locatio And therefore that is exactly where I am vacationing"" this summer.
n to travel. In fact, the United States Department of State warns not to travel there.
Actually we're traveling to Jacmel, to an orphanage called Hands and Feet Project. We're not sure exactly what they will need us to do while there; but whatever it is, we will happily attempt it. 

That is if the heat doesn't kill us. From what I hear it's so hot that even the mosquitoes are dying off. That worries me a little more than a little. So I've got my wicking hat, my wicking bandana, my cooling neckwraps, and a ton of sunscreen. I've also spurged on a filtering waterbottle and two bottles of Deet bug spray.

I'll let you know in a week how well I survived.

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