Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A New Driver in the House

Excuse my lengthy absence from blogging again. Sometimes living in the country also means living in the dark ages as far as the internet is concerned. We live as far from the tower as possible to still get internet. But some days it’s spotty, some day non-existent, and I’m not sure what causes it. I try, honest I do. But this is the life I live with, so I can’t allow myself to feel too guilty because it’s nothing I can fix.

So here’s the excitement happening at our house….

The oldest is now a legal driver! Uggh! But on her first solo trip, driving herself to her guitar lesson, the car overheated. I told her I caused it to overheat so she wouldn’t want to drive. But now she can’t drive until the car is fixed anyway. So I got my way after all, whether I caused it or not. Ha. She’s taking it in stride.


  1. Your posts are great and I love the list of books and music - always looking for suggestions. Just named you as one of my "Blogs with Substance" honorees. Keep up the posting!

  2. Lol! So are you going in and pulling wires under the hood when she isn't looking?