Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Week in Pictures


 My oldest celebrates graduating from high school.
Where did my baby go?

 Poor Jess, this is what she looks like when awakened by a camera flash.

Leftover open house cake turned into birthday cake. (I won't quit my day job to become a cake decorator!)
Dad turned 86 on Friday.
Mom turned 85 and Jaena turned 19 on Monday.
My brother, Kevin, has a birthday tomorrow.


My baby win the award for raising her Lexile level (improving her reading ability) the most this year!
Her hard work paid off!
Napping on the new couch.

Jess graduated from 8th grade. She is officially a high-school student. Notice my camera skills? Jess is fuzzy, fellow student, Briley looks better, and the sign behind them looks great!

Reading "Tigers in Red Weather", by Liza Klaussmann. She happens to be the great-great-great-granddaughter of Herman Melville. You know, "Moby Dick", "Typee"? I'm envious.

 While waiting for a friend to get off work for lunch I took a few pictures of the tree above my car. I love my sunroof nearly as much as I love trees.

I also did a little knitting while waiting. This is my WIP, Something Red sweater, by Knit and Tonic. I know, it's not red. It happens to be the forth blue sweater I've knit. I must branch out and try another color.

We visited Chizzy's, in Galveston, IN. The ice cream was delicious! Orange-pineapple. Yum!!

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