Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Entering the Blogger World

Hello, world! I'm glad you found your way to my blog. I hope you stick around a while and get to know me. I've actually been blogging for a while now at Take a few minutes sometime to hop over there and read past posts. 

But I'm so excited to be a member of the Blogger world now. I have heard it's easier. I actually grew up before computers so I'm in need of something easy to understand! I must be ancient, eh?

So who am I and what will I be blogging about? I'm a wife and mom who lives in the Midwest and out in the country. I love to knit, read, write, organize and find healthy meals for my family. I struggle balancing the love of knitting and the hatred of housework. I'd rather sit at the park and read than walk the trails. (My body says, "Walk!" My heart says, "Read.") I'll write over talk any day. And search hours for recipes only to speed through the drive up window. Can you relate? What are those areas that you want to be priorities, but can't seem to make time for?

That's me. That's what I'll be blogging life as a mom of teenage girls, my desire to knit when I should be mopping, my love of writing and my fear of conversation, my newest organizational find or yummy recipe, what I'm thinking about life, and my faith. I'll have lots of pictures of knitting and maybe a few of the county life.

I hope you come back to visit me again and again...and again.



  1. Can't wait to see some of your recipes :) I am a calorie collector after all :P

  2. Cris: Thanks for teaching me more about this blogging world. I'll be sure to post some of my kids favorite recipes.