Friday, April 30, 2010

Oreo, the Pig-herding Dog Saves the Day

Last night was one of those "crazy life on the farm" nights. Passing the back door window, Oreo's bark caught my attention. And what did I see? A beagle dog herding two piglets. Not your ordinary back porch sight, especially when you don't raise hogs!

Now the neighbor across the street does. He hasn't had any for a couple months. I didn't realize he had gotten more in, but he had. And two had somehow left their building to take a stroll around the farm. That's not really a good idea because we live on a state road, cars zooming by at 55 miles per hour.

Somehow Oreo saved the day. Natural instincts took over, and he was on a mission. I'm not sure how he kept the two together and herded them across the road. But he was intent on bringing his charges home.

And this was definitely a case of nature working better than humans. Because once the girls and I got involved it looked a little like a greased pig-wrestling contest. Actually piglets run very fast and turn sharper than pro-football players! My baby caught the first. (It was all the practice of helping her best friend with 4H pigs.) She scooped the littlest piglet up and ran it to the garage.

Then the fun began! My Eldest had to chase the second about an eighth of a mile through a field and back until  Baby daughter and I were able to help trap it in a corner between a fence and building. She carried this escapee squealing to the garage followed closely on the heels by a barking Oreo dog.

Pappy arrived with a dog pen a few moments later. The piglet were soon contained where they happily went to sleep after such a great workout. Oreo jumped up in the back of the van to make sure all was well and safe. (He's never been willing to get in a car before. But this was important! He had to make sure the job was complete.)

The end of the story is that the neighbor farmer wasn't home, so our two escapees spent the night at our farm happily sleeping cuddled together in a dog crate. I'm sure they're back home now appreciating their temperature-controlled housing complete with specialized diet,... that is far away from the Pig-herding dog, Oreo.

Hooray! Oreo saves the day! (I knew you were good at something besides jumping and barking, Oreo.)


  1. Lol! Glad Oreo was there to save the day!!

  2. What a cute story and a cute name for a dog.