Friday, April 30, 2010

Hats for Haiti Update

Wow! After the craft and bake sale, along with a spaghetti dinner, our group raised $1000 to help pay for our trip to Haiti. My knitted hats, bags and shawl brought in over $150! My favorite hats from above sold except for the striped one. And's too small for my head.

This is the shawl I sold. It brought in $50 all by itself. It's a pattern called the Daybreak Shawl by the incredible designer Stephen West. Check out his website: I made it for myself, but decided at the last minute to give it to the sale. Now I get to make another one in a whole new color scheme. :)

After yesterday, the oldest daughter and I have raised all the money we needed for the trip. And fundraising is over. Yeah!

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